Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass


Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa Pratensis) is most certainly the most popular and best known of all turf grasses. Kentucky bluegrass is a spreading perennial with a fine texture and beautiful blue-green color. Bluegrass blades form dense, spreading mats that cushion your foot like a feather bed. Kentucky bluegrass earns its name from the rich blue color of the seed heads, which appear in the spring and summer months when the species reaches its peak height of 4-5 feet.




Kentucky Bluegrass is often preferred over other similar grass species due to its favorable spreadability. The fact that it can spread and heal itself when damaged is probably the greatest reason for its popularity. While capable of growing to maturity and developing seeds when left unshorn, most turfgrasses proliferate through the spreading of new shoots called runners. Kentucky bluegrass has a specific type of runners, called rhizomes, that grow horizontally just below the surface of the ground. Each rhizome produces a “node” every few inches along its length from which a new bluegrass plant will sprout.





Kentucky Bluegrass will tolerate some shade but grows best in full sun. In addition to seasonal fertilizer applications, it also needs average, well-drained soil and steady moisture for good health. Its shallow root system will quickly go dormant if subjected to extended drought. Ensure lawn aeration in the spring and fall, and have your sprinkler system regularly maintained.

With regular mowing, this turfgrass makes a thick, uniform lawn, and it is an excellent choice for busy lawns where backyard activities tend to wear down the turf. Contact Lawn Care Plus for assistance installing or maintaining your lawn’s bluegrass!


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