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Lawn Care Plus is your property maintenance expert.


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Lawn Mowing

Who knew cutting grass could be a science? While it may not be taught at CU, the expertise to maintain a healthy lawn has a lot do with the knowledge in managing a yard. Using the right equipment means a healthier blade and ultimately a healthier lawn. Hiring experts leaves your lawn looking professionally groomed. And hiring an expert means we will be on and off your property quickly and efficiently leaving you more time to relax in your beautiful backyard. Each week, our trained professionals mow, trim, edge and clean clippings off all hardscapes to keep your lawn looking its best!

*We do NOT bag clippings, grass clippings decompose quickly and provide a source of recycled nutrients and organic matter for the lawn.


 Irrigation Repairs & Installs

Irrigation is one of those things that by all appearances can look quite simple. However, a wrong installation can mean thousands of dollars flushed down the drain, poor drainage resulting in rot and sometimes upsetting positive neighborly relations. Our many years of experience in water management, repairs and installation provide you and your lawn with proper and effective systems. With water a precious commodity these days, our trained staff sets your sprinkler controller, selects proper sprinkler heads/ nozzles, and makes the correct adjustments for proper water management and water savings. Smart Irrigation starts with knowing your equipment. We are the area’s leading experts when it comes to well planned sprinkler systems.


Fertilization & Weed Control Programs

Lawn Care Plus custom blends these programs specifically for our customer. Your property is inspected and evaluated by our own horticulturist and then a plan is put together for your property. With this type of service, your property is ensured proper fertilization and weed control that is in harmony with nature. Both chemical and organic programs are offered, and our lawn care technicians are continually trained in new and updated procedures and are licensed as required by the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture.





Aerate your lawn Spring and Fall for a more healthy, deep rooted turf. Aeration also reduces soil compaction, decreases water run off and removes unwanted thick thatch.