5-Step Lawn Care Treatment

5-Step Lawn Care Treatment

Care for your turf grass needs with our preferred season-long approach. Our 5-Step Lawn Care Treatment focuses on each of your lawn’s seasonal needs. This system combines a turf application of spring pre-emergent to prevent weed growth with four separate applications of turf fertilization and turf applied post-emergent weed control. 

Step 1) Early Spring Pre-Emergent Weed Prevention

Step 2) Spring Fertilization & Post Emergent Weed Control

Step 3) Early Summer Fertilization & Post Emergent Weed Control

Step 4) Late Summer Fertilization & Post Emergent Weed Control

Step 5) Autumn Fertilization & Post Emergent Weed Control

Pre-Emergent Weed Prevention:

Attack the problem before it begins. Pre-emergent weed control short-circuits the germination cycle to stop them before they start! For best results, apply before the end of April.

Turf Fertilization:

Each seasonal change requires a specially targeted fertilizer composition to promote the health of your lawn. Northern Colorado is considered a cool-season growing area. The two most popular turf grass species in our region are bluegrass and fescue, but you can easily find ryegrass, buffalograss, and other native prairie grasses being grown domestically. After the snow melts, the growing season begins with a flush of growth in the spring, followed by a slow growing summer, and a final period of growth in the fall.

Your turf-grass flourishes during the spring and fall growing months, but it must also endure the harsh summer and winter temperatures. A healthy lawn receives the nutrients it needs to thrive in our varying climate conditions. Lawn Care Plus provides specialized fertilizers to give your lawn an advantage each season.

  • (N) Nitrogen encourages blade growth and chlorophyll formation. Nitrogen is the primary component in most fertilizers and is the most potent mineral returned to the lawn from mulched clippings.
    • Each of our blends contain nitrogen, but it is most prominent in our spring and summer blends.
  • (P) Phosphorous is common in store brand fertilizers because it helps roots establish when growing from seed or with freshly installed sod, but excess runoff promotes harmful aquatic weed growth.
    • Our low-phosphorous blends contain only enough of the mineral to replace what is naturally lost.
  • (K) Potassium fortifies the plant’s stress resistance, drought defense, and extreme temperature tolerance.
    • We use potassium throughout the year, but it is most important during the hot summer months.
  • (Fe) Iron treatment is necessary when the mineral is not readily available to the plant. Colorado clay is naturally alkaline (iron rich), but the mineral is locked up and unusable to the plant in the hardened soil.
    • We apply iron in the summer to treat chlorosis and enhance the natural green color of your lawn.
  • Crabgrass Pre-emergent
    • This turf-grass pretender is an annual species which pops up every spring. Our spring fertilizer contains a targeted ingredient designed to specifically prevent crabgrass from reappearing.

Feeding your lawn will help it grow thick and beautiful, but even the strongest of lawns can be susceptible to unsightly weed invaders. Lawn Care Plus promotes a holistic defense to guard against weeds with a lush, healthy lawn, but we’re there for you when the weeds do make it through with our turf-friendly treatments.

Post-Emergent Weed Control (Turf):

Homeowners agree that one of the main concerns in lawn care is preventing unsightly invaders. The first line of defense to guard against weed problems is maintaining a robust lawn that can fight off intruders. A lush, healthy lawn can keep out weeds more easily than a stressed, patchy lawn. When the weeds do make it through, we offer a turf-friendly synthetic weed control application that can be safely applied to your lawn. 

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