System Shutdown & Winterization

System Shutdown & Winterization


Sprinkler Blowout Services Will Resume October 1 2020

Winterization of outdoor irrigation systems. Includes system shutdown and blowout service.

Lawn Care Plus warranties all sprinkler blowout services performed by our irrigation technicians. System startup must be completed by Lawn Care Plus the following year to qualify for guaranteed repair service. Contact our office for details.

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Exposed plumbing and buried lines are susceptible to freeze in Colorado’s frigid winters.

During periods of freezing weather, the frost level sinks deeper and deeper into the soil. How deep the frost goes depends on how cold it is and for how long. After temperatures rise above freezing, the soil gradually thaws out. Colorado’s frost line penetration is 44 inches. Are your lines buried that deep.

Conditions vary!

  • Most homeowners really don’t know what’s under the ground or how deep it is!
  • Sometimes it gets really cold and it lasts a long time. When this happens the frost line goes deeper.
  • Micro climates matter.
    • If there is a very windy spot the cold goes deeper in that area.
    • Maybe there is a concrete retaining wall with sprinkler pipes just on the other side. The cold comes from the top and from the side, so it penetrates a lot more.
  • Even soil conditions, mulch or the lack thereof, vegetation, and other things influence how deep the frost penetrates.

What may break in a freeze and what happens then?

  • Pipes can crack if they freeze when filled with water.
  • Similarly the pipe fittings can crack.
  • Valves and anti-siphon devices can also be affected. These are the most expensive parts.

  • Diagnosing broken sprinkler lines requires hours of technician hours locating the leak and digging out and replacing the cracked lines which can cost $200-$500.

  • Backflow preventers designed to be installed with a residential sprinkler/irrigation typically cost $300-$600 or more.