Turf Fertilizer/Weed Spray Combo Service

Turf Fertilizer/Weed Spray Combo Service


Fertilizer Blend
Turf Weed Control

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Knock out your lawn list with our two-punch turf combo package.

Over 25% savings when you order seasonal turf fertilizer and post-emergent weed control combo application.

Broadleaf  Post-Emergent Turf Herbicide

Containing four active ingredients, our turf-friendly herbicide provides multiple modes of action to control a wide spectrum of weed species in turf grasses.

  • Excellent post-emergence activity with proven performance.
  • Specialized form increases the effectiveness of herbicide on hard-to-kill perennial weeds
  • Uses MOISTURE LOCK® TECHNOLOGY to keep the spray droplets wetter, longer and reduces burning and crystallization

Full List of Susceptible Weeds

Susceptible Weeds Controlled: Aster, white heath and white prairie Bedstraw Beggarweed, creeping Bindweed Black medic Broadleaf plantain Buckhorn plantain Bull thistle Burdock, common Buttercup, creeping Carpetweed Catnip Chickweed Chicory Cinquefoil Clover Curly dock Dandelion Dayflower Dock Dogfennel English daisy False dandelion, catsear, spotted or common* Field bindweed morning glory or creeping jenny* Field oxeye-daisy creeping oxeye* Filaree whitestem or redstem Florida betony Florida pusley Ground ivy Groundsel Hawkweed Healall Henbit Innocence blue-eyed Mary* Knotweed Kochia Lambsquarter Lawn burweed Lespedeza, common Mallow, common Matchweed Mouse ear chickweed Mustard Nettle Nutsedge**, yellow Old world diamond flower Oxalis yellow woodsorrel, creeping woodsorrel and corniculata* Parsley-piert Pennsylvania smartweed Pepperweed Pigweed Pineappleweed Plantain Poison ivy Poison oak Prickly Lettuce compass plant* Puncturevine Purple cudweed Purslane Ragweed Red sorrel sheep sorrel* Redweed Russian Thistle Shepherd’s purse Speedwell Veronica* Spurge Thistle Virginia buttonweed White clover Dutch clover*, honeysuckle clover, white trefoil and purplewort Wild carrot Wild garlic Wild geranium Wild lettuce Wild mustard Wild onion Wild strawberry Wild violet*** Yarrow Yellow rocket Many more broadleaf weeds