Seasonal Fertilization

Seasonal Fertilization


Rocky Mountain Seasonal Blend Fertilizer


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Lawn Care Plus promotes a holistic approach to your health and appearance of your turf. Provide your lawn with the nutrients to help it thrive. Fertilizer is best applied every 6-8 weeks, and Lawn Care Plus provides custom blends each season to deliver the most effective treatment to your lawn.

Late Summer Blend

Your lawn has exhausted the nutrients you delivered this spring, and a hungry lawn is a yellow lawn in the heat of the summer. Combat chlorosis and bolster your lawn’s green nature with Lawn Care Plus’s Rocky Mountain Blend Fertilizer which contains an <b>industry leading 9% iron content.</b> Our fertilizers are also 85% organic material, so you won’t add to fertilizer runoff and can enjoy your lawn for an unbeatable 8 weeks between applications!




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