Soil Conditioning

Earthgreen Menefee Humate –  Menefee humate is a carbon and humic acid based granular soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. This is derived from fossilized plant and animal materials. It improves the plant’s ability to utilize vital nutrients, increasing plant growth and development. Menefee humate is a natural trace mineral, carbon and humic acid based soil conditioner. Granular humate will last 90 or more days in the soil. It will stimulate microbial activity in soil. Humate has a negative ion charge.


  • The humate negative charge will hold onto water and nitrogen longer.
  • The negative charge will help clay soil plateletts stand up so water, nutrients and roots will penetrate into the soil better.
  • The humate creates a gentle acid that will help unlock the bound up nutrients in the current soil, such as iron and calcium, to make it easier for plant roots to absorb.


Humate is the highly compressed and biodegraded remains of ancient plants and animals Composted, fermented, and changed far below the earth’s surface, the buried plants and animals were distilled down to complex organic minerals. When this material is mined and applied to soils, it augments the soil’s capacity to promote plant growth and productivity. Being completely natural, humates have good compatibility with plants and soils without adverse environmental effects. They are also referred to as “humic substances” and are used as soil conditioners, soil supplements, and fertilizer amendments.

Humate-Raw Material

How Do They Work?
1. Humates provide an available long chain carbon material to the soil structure. Carbon is a basic element for all life forms. This carbon matrix promotes enhanced soil microbial activity for both indigenous bacteria and those added to the soil, especially mycorrhizae. This aids in the formation of a balanced soil structure for proper plant development.

2. They provide a full spectrum of organic acids that are essential to plant development. Specifically, these include humic and fulvic acids. These act as organic chelators which enhance the uptake and utilization of vital plant nutrients contained in both organic and conventional fertilizers. Due to their negative ionic characteristics, these organic acids increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil, which enhances the transfer of nutrients through cell membranes of plant root materials. Humates increase plant performance and agricultural yields by increasing the uptake and utilization of nutrients and enhance the overall plant quality.

What Do They Do?
Used in conjunction with a balanced fertility program, quality humates will (a) enhance the overall performance of the fertilizers to a point that an actual reduction of basic N-P-K per 1,000 square feet may be appropriate over time; (b) enhance the development of root systems (mycorrhizae); (c) enhance success of seed germination and overall plant development; (d) enhance overall plant health, resistance to stress, and appearance.

How to Determine the Best Source of Humates to Use?
Years of university and field research has found that the best sources of humates are those that are mined from freshwater deposits, generally found in New Mexico. These geological materials are composed of a sand matrix, contain freshwater diatoms, and have a salt content of less than 0.5%. They also have a very consistent level of humic acids.

When to Use?
Whether you need a plant nutrition program to establish new plants after planting or transplant, a balanced program to provide nutrition to your turf grass areas, or general nutrition for your garden and vegetable crops, Earthgreen humates has a balanced nutrition program for you. Our products increase plant performance and agricultural yields by increasing the uptake and utilization of nutrients and enhance the overall plant quality. They are very effective at low application rates due to their highly consistent quality ingredients. Additionally, they can easily be added to any fertility program.

Our humate products contain natural trace minerals, carbon, and humic acids. Our granular soil conditioner acts as a chelator and microbial stimulator. It has a unique carbon matrix incorporating a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids which improve the plant’s ability to take in vital nutrients for plant growth and development. Our water-soluble products are excellent when used as foliar nutrient sprays and soil drenches in conjunction with normal fertility programs.